Piano and guitar lessons in Utah

Hello Everybody !

It took a little bit but I now have my green card and work visa for the United States. It feels great now I can teach music again. TimMusic is now located in Sandy, Utah. Last month I already had my first piano and guitar students, and I played some bars and festivals with my new funkband SuperBubble. Video and/or audio of my new project wil be uploaded soon on this website and the SuperBubble facebook page.
You can’t wait for that? Come on out coming saturday september 17 at the Ogdon Equinox festival where SuperBubble plays at 11pm on mainstage. More dates in my agenda :-)

If you be interested in piano or guitar lessons around Sandy, Utah feel free to contact me for more info. This website will be updated and translated to English soon.

Please click here for a video of my funkband SuperBubble at Hog Wallow Pub